IDFC Bank Balance Check: Missed Call Toll Free Number & Coustmer Care Number

IDFC Bank is known as [Infrastructure Development Finance Company] is an Indian banking company with headquarters situated in Mumbai that forms part of IDFC bank. The integrated infrastructure finance company. The bank started functions on 1st October 2015. IDFC bank received a universal banking licence from the RBI in July 2015. On sixthth November 2015, IDFC Bank was listed on BSE and NSE. IDFC bank many services for his coustmer like IDFC bank balance check ,Toll Free Number, For know more Details please scroll down below:-

IDFC bank balance check Number by missed call :

balance check in IDFC bank

balance check in IDFC bank

Dial 18002700720 to get your IDFC bank balance informations quickly via a sms.

IDFC Missed call balance  check number is a Toll Free Numbesr.

IDFC SMS Banking services.

By using SMS Banking service of IDFC bank you can use below services:-

  1. Balance check
  2. Transactions check
  3. Cheques Book requests
  4. Stop cheque requests
  5. Block Debit cards
  6. Help – To get SMS banking codes

All you need to want is Send SMS message to 5676732 or  9289289960 from your registered phone numbesr with the transactions code for the services you want to avail in the prefered detais below.

IDFC Bank Balance check Using SMS

For Balance check:-

To Send SMS Format like as :- BAL Last 4 digit A/C Number to 9289289960 or 5676732

E.g., BAL 7658 and sms to 9289289960

For Last 5 transactions details or Mini Statement:-

 SMS Format like : TXN Last 4 digit A/C Number to 5676732 or 9289289960.

E.g., TXN 9845 and sms to 9289289960

For Blocking of Debit card :-
SMS Format like:- BLOCK Last 4 digit A/C Number to 9289289960 or 5676732

E.g., BLOCK 8798 and send sms to 9289289960 and quickly Block your IDFC Bank debit cards.

Cheque book requests:-
Format:- CHQBK Lasts 4 digit A/CNumber to 9289289960 –and Requests will captured for Cheque Book.

For Stop cheques:-
Formats:- CHQSTOP Last 4 digit A/C Number 6 digits of cheque Number – To Stops an issued cheque from being paid.

If you are a Infrastructures Developer Financial Company IDFC bank customer then now you can use IDFC bank Missed call banking services where you can get your IDFC bank A/C balance by just giving a missed call from your registered Phone number with the IDFC bank. IDFC Bank missed call banking services works only for the same phone number which is linked with your IDFC Bank account.

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About IDFC Bank IFSC Code:-

IFSC codes Means (Indian Financial System Code) is an 11 digits alphanumeric code that is provided by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to identify banks & their branches throughout the country. This is usually done via NEFT  (National Electronic Funds Transfer). With the help of this code, funds can be transferred from one bank to another Bank through the identification of source and destination of banks.

IFSC codes (Indian Finalcial System Code) are unique to banks and their branches IFSC code of one branch do not match the other Branch . These codes can also be decoded by following Step the pointers given below :-

  • IFSC code contains 11 digits Out of these 11 digits, the 1st four digits refer to the bank’s name.
  • The last six digits of IFSC code represent the branch of the bank & it is unique to each branch.
  • The 5th character is a ‘control’ character that is 0.

[For ex- IDFC Bank’s IFSC code for the Residency Road branch in patna is IDFP0080151. Decoding this would mean that]

  • IDFP means the name of the bank, i.e. IDFP.
  • The 5th digit is 0 as it is a control digit.
  • The last six digits, i.e. 080151 means the branch which is this example is Residency Road.

How to Find IDFC Bank IFSC and MICR Codes ?

We can find IFSC and MICR codes both online & offline.

IFSC & MICR codes are usually found in the cheque book which has been given by the bank. This unique code can also be found on the account passbook.

If customers wish to find online IFSC and MICR codes , then they will be able to find the code on the website of RBI or on the official website of IDFC BANK.

Note: In case your mobile number is not registered in your IDFC account profile, get it done right away. You can do it by visiting nearest IDFC branch and completing the basic formalities there.


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